Top 10 Things Every Volunteer Firefighter Must Have

Firefighters have to act quickly especially during an emergency. They need to reach the source of the fire and put it out right away. They also have to save lives and properties. Therefore, the items they need in putting out the fire must be within reach to avoid problems. Here are the top 10 things firefighters must have.

  1. Protective trousers. This is the ultimate firefighting gear. It is easy to wear and it provides moisture. It also serves as a thermal barrier.
  2. Boots. Putting out the fire can be really dangerous especially if there are broken glasses and other materials on the floor. Firefighters must wear the best station boots to protect their feet during the operation.
  3. Protective coat. This is made of moisture barrier, outer shell and thermal barrier for added protection.
  4. Hood. This should be perfectly fitted to avoid disruption when used. It also adds protection.
  5. Helmets. No firefighter should go out without wearing a helmet. Anything can drop from above. The helmet is their main head protection.
  6. Work gloves. They are important for protecting the hands, especially when handling hot objects or a huge fire hose.
  7. Fire hose. All firefighters must be trained how to use this equipment. This is the ultimate way to put out a fire. It can be heavy. It can also go wrong when not used properly.
  8. Breathing apparatus. There are instances when firefighters have to go inside a burning building filled with smoke. It doesn’t have enough oxygen for breathing. Therefore, this apparatus is essential.
  9. Sledgehammer. Buildings have firefighting equipment too. Firefighters should have access to these things by just breaking the glass using a sledgehammer.
  10. Ladder. Some firefighters have to rescue individuals in high floors. They need to use ladders to ensure the safety of the firefighter and the person to be rescued.

Firefighters have a very difficult job. They even risk their lives to save people who are in great danger. We have to be grateful to them for their service. They are not given enough gratitude considering how much hard work they put into the job. If you plan to be one, you deserve a salute!

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