The Most Common Volunteering Roles

The Most Common Volunteering RolesThe satisfaction of working a 9 to 5 might not be enough for a lot of people. Of course, it’s always nice to make money, but many individuals find themselves wondering – is that all there is? Some have the inherent need to give back, the feeling that they have to somehow help others, the urgent calling to use their skills and abilities to pay it forward. Luckily, there are lots of different causes that you can choose from if you have time to spare and a heart for helping.

Volunteering is nothing new, but when you finally make the decision to lend a helping hand, you might find yourself overwhelmed at all the different roles you can assume. Still on the fence about which volunteering job you should take on? Find out what fits your preferences by reading through the most common volunteering roles available.

Most Common Volunteering Roles

1. Grass Cutting and Environmental Maintenance

If you’re a city slicker, you already know how toxic the urban jungle can be. While local government offices try their best to beautify city areas, plants, grass, and other vegetation often struggle against the onslaught of pollution and gas emissions. Sure, they might be parks and pockets of plants scattered throughout the city, but they’re not always in the best shape. If you want to help out and maintain these areas of green, you can volunteer to cut grass for public places and local attractions. Don’t worry, it’s not really manual labor as most organizations have electric lawnmowers for garden maintenance volunteers. There are also some opportunities that will allow you to plant trees and other plants around the area to help out with the pollution problem and bring a happier, healthier look and feel to an otherwise concrete mess.

2. Animal Welfare

Stray cats and dogs abound – what are you doing to make sure they’re safe and far from harm’s way? Every day, millions of poor animals die or are put to death because there isn’t anyone to take care of them. Others even become the victims of abuse at the hands of uncaring, unfit pet parents. If you want to bring justice to animals, you can join local animal shelters and offer your help in whatever form you can. If you want a part of the action, you can join in on the field as they seize abused animals. If you want to be a little more hands on with the pets, you can stay in the shelter and care for them there.

3. Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens

Life is hard on all of us, and those who have it the hardest are forced to walk the streets in search of refuge and rummage through garbage in search of food. We can’t all just pitch in from our pockets – not everyone has that kind of financial flexibility. There are other ways you can help these people however and that is through lending a hand at a local shelter or soup kitchen. These places are often jam packed with homeless people who constantly need the support of others to get by, so you’ll never find yourself without a task to do once you volunteer here.

4. Orphaned Children

Many times, unprepared parents who fail to plan for their family’s future end up discarding their newborns as if they were nothing more than just a piece of garbage. Sometimes, these children are even given away at an older age. Regardless of how they ended up as orphans, all of these children need care and that’s what orphan shelters are for. Here you can help out with their daily needs and even volunteer as a teacher or tutor. Mostly, these kids need someone to show them that life isn’t all that bad, and just by being there for them and talking to them, you can fulfill just that.

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