Recycle Mattresses for a Better Future

Recycle Mattresses for a Better FutureEventually, a mattress will become useless to us. This may be due to damages caused by spills, a size issue, or simply because you need to purchase a more specialized one like the best mattress for lower back pain. Most of us would carry this mattress outside as a gift for the garbage collector and buy a new one. However, did you know that recycling a mattress is a much better alternative for many reasons? Let’s go through some of the reasons this is better than throwing mattresses away.

1) Recycling doesn’t take (much) space. When a mattress is thrown away, it ends up in a landfill. Imagine a landfill filled with not land but mattresses. The world is gradually lacking more and more space due to growing constructions and human populations. The least we can do is not contribute to this with mattresses that take decades to decompose. Mattresses are among many other items that clog our lands and pollute our environment even more.

2) Mattresses can be sold or given. Some people may benefit from an item that you no longer need, such as this mattress. Of course, please do not give away beds that are ridden with bed bugs or other potentially damaging issues. In the first case, it is best to first let the bed stay outside in the sun for a few days to get rid of the bed bugs. In both cases, please continue reading from the next point. Some specific thrift stores accept mattresses and you can look into that. In fact, you could disassemble the mattress and dispose/recycle smaller parts at different places for some cash–especially the steel coil.

3) Disassemble the mattress for other uses. According to the above-mentioned reason, disassembling can yield money. However, there are more benefits than that. They include using the cotton for various household needs such as a blanket, and using the wood box during a campfire or woodwork. The mattress can be broken down to very manageable pieces that can be rolled up.

4) Can you dispose of the mattress? The garbage collectors of some states/countries do not collect mattresses because they are too big. Some locations require you to drop the mattress off at a landfill and some will charge money. It would cost no less than $20 (often much more) to dispose of the mattress. Regardless of what the regulations include, we truly suggest you recycle because of the reasons we explained.

Recycling mattresses doesn’t have to be complicated. You have a few options: ask if the store at which you bought your mattress would accept it, search for a charitable organization that recycles mattresses, or inquire about companies that recycle for a fee. Among other online resources for recycling locations are:, (in Canada), and (US, Canada and Australia).
If you cannot seem to find a location, you can recycle sub-components of the mattress. We are trying to do more to encourage recycling of mattresses, and we hope that you will join us in this attempt to change for the better.

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