Policing And Volunteering

AndrewIanVolunteers_IMG_0093-e1443306986283Volunteering does not stop with public service but has extended to police service as well. There are hundreds of thousands of citizens that are involved in police services fulfilling an array of roles including constables, cadets, victim support and custody visitors. This is not all there is more scope, and the roles keep increasing by the day. Volunteering promises improved policing that comes with a wide range of benefits by bringing in new skills and expertise and enhancing partnerships with communities. The College of Policing understands the importance of neighbourhood policing by offering opportunities to protect the safety of the community.

Volunteering has to be understood fully and when properly implemented can bring about value for the community. Volunteer services can create loyalty, focus, objectivity, credibility and experimentation. There are far reaching benefits of volunteering and government should take steps to move forward. Home Office understands the benefits of volunteers and has announced reforms to widen the powers of the volunteers. The proposals have to identify the true value of volunteering. The full potential can be realized only with a vision. This can help achieve safe and strong communities.

Home Office is creating volunteer openings that are similar to paid roles. Though they have failed to understand what volunteering actually means and how it can contribute to the community. The whole concept of volunteering should focus on the skills, motivations, and experience the volunteers possess. The involvement depends on the contributions the volunteers make and how it balances the requirements of the volunteer and the business. Volunteers need motivation and treating them as unpaid staff can deviate from the purpose. The role has to be definitive and based on their contributions and motivation.

Maximum output is guaranteed only when the role are distinctive. In the modern police system, the volunteers are required to work simultaneously so that a mutual relationship is built. Policing needs to be looked at from a different perspective. The new models can bring about a change that can balance the regular staff with policing volunteers. Though the opportunities are immense, the challenges are also enormous. This can restrict the budget and cut down on paid jobs.

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