Learn More About Employer Supported Volunteering

CScimz5WEAAVNHHEmployer Supported Volunteering abbreviated as ESV is under developed and need practice guidelines. Only best practices can help tap the complete potential of the voluntary sector. Some of the problems and solutions for this do exist. Many VCSE organizations lament about the ESV projects that are attempted by businesses. The complaint is that they have wrong priorities and do not understand that volunteering is not a spontaneous activity. There is no doubt that the complaints are true. But what many fail to understand is that no where the voluntary sector is organized. Everywhere it needs guidance and support of businesses. They cannot address social issues without regulation.

This is no more a dream, and it can be a reality. In February, the Greater London Volunteering interacting event that was organized with the support of Big Assist Visits Initiative of NCVO, Southwark Volunteer Centre and Brokerage programme of Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre to set up ESV network in London. But it was a failure. There were problems of defining definitive boundaries. The event was organized at Westfield London boardroom and lucky people turned up for the event. Within a few minutes, the room was buzzing with activity. People from various organizations turned up as the organizers Joseph Morrel presented the vision. He called upon participants to take part in the venture and help develop the system.

This was an open approach, and the organizers devised the terms of reference. Following this statement was developed by the network explaining the importance of businesses and its needs to support ESV events. This subject has always been a challenge for ESV brokers and organizers. The standards were adopted by organizations both domestic and international. Though, this was an uphill task especially coordinating with VCSE organizations. The network made a good begin, and the website will be launched soon.

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