Volunteer Managers As Creative People

volennteerIt is not necessary a person has to be volunteering parties and shows. They can also work in the restrictive environment. For example, if a charity is interested in teaching the prisoners some artworks involving needle, they can get help from the volunteers to do this work. When the volunteers were involved in the work, it was giving a completely different colour to the work. This was proven to be highly rehabilitative in nature. Especially, if a person is going to handle the works that are involved in the long-term prison, the culture of prison i.e. them and us was changed. In fact, this meant a lot for the prison as someone from outside is ready to spend their free time in the prison and help them. The main point to be noted here is the volunteer does not belong to the system or jail. Even though the volunteer might help the prisoners to develop, it is necessary to show some production. Not all the volunteers will be professionals who are doing the artwork.


Here are some examples or scenarios that state how the volunteer approaches to meet the prisoners. First, if a prisoner has spent several months in making a quilt using the scraps that are available inside the prison and now is willing to send the same to the old mother who is outside, then the request can be placed before the jailor through the volunteer. Normally, the rules and regulations for sending any item or person inside or outside the jail will be very strict. Getting approval for this type of works will not be an easy task, but if the request is reasonable and genuine, the possibility of getting success is high.

Another illustration is a volunteer might be interested in having classes inside the prison in order to help the prisoners to know something about arts. But in most of the cases, the person might be sent out from the gate itself, and there will be no use in waiting to meet the people for asking permission. Usually, people will tend to note the name of the officer at the gate and try to complain about the person. But they will not be aware where the complaint has to be registered and here is some course of actions that has to be followed in these scenarios.

The first requirement to handle this situation is patience. It will not be possible for a person to get permissions in such restricted places just in one go. Also, it will be advisable to move legally step by step so that there are no issues later on. Once a person enters such restricted places to help a prisoner, it will give confidence and trust to the prisoner.