Top 10 Things Every Volunteer Firefighter Must Have

Firefighters have to act quickly especially during an emergency. They need to reach the source of the fire and put it out right away. They also have to save lives and properties. Therefore, the items they need in putting out the fire must be within reach to avoid problems. Here are the top 10 things firefighters must have.

  1. Protective trousers. This is the ultimate firefighting gear. It is easy to wear and it provides moisture. It also serves as a thermal barrier.
  2. Boots. Putting out the fire can be really dangerous especially if there are broken glasses and other materials on the floor. Firefighters must wear the best station boots to protect their feet during the operation.
  3. Protective coat. This is made of moisture barrier, outer shell and thermal barrier for added protection.
  4. Hood. This should be perfectly fitted to avoid disruption when used. It also adds protection.
  5. Helmets. No firefighter should go out without wearing a helmet. Anything can drop from above. The helmet is their main head protection.
  6. Work gloves. They are important for protecting the hands, especially when handling hot objects or a huge fire hose.
  7. Fire hose. All firefighters must be trained how to use this equipment. This is the ultimate way to put out a fire. It can be heavy. It can also go wrong when not used properly.
  8. Breathing apparatus. There are instances when firefighters have to go inside a burning building filled with smoke. It doesn’t have enough oxygen for breathing. Therefore, this apparatus is essential.
  9. Sledgehammer. Buildings have firefighting equipment too. Firefighters should have access to these things by just breaking the glass using a sledgehammer.
  10. Ladder. Some firefighters have to rescue individuals in high floors. They need to use ladders to ensure the safety of the firefighter and the person to be rescued.

Firefighters have a very difficult job. They even risk their lives to save people who are in great danger. We have to be grateful to them for their service. They are not given enough gratitude considering how much hard work they put into the job. If you plan to be one, you deserve a salute!

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Recycle Mattresses for a Better Future

Recycle Mattresses for a Better FutureEventually, a mattress will become useless to us. This may be due to damages caused by spills, a size issue, or simply because you need to purchase a more specialized one like the best mattress for lower back pain. Most of us would carry this mattress outside as a gift for the garbage collector and buy a new one. However, did you know that recycling a mattress is a much better alternative for many reasons? Let’s go through some of the reasons this is better than throwing mattresses away.

1) Recycling doesn’t take (much) space. When a mattress is thrown away, it ends up in a landfill. Imagine a landfill filled with not land but mattresses. The world is gradually lacking more and more space due to growing constructions and human populations. The least we can do is not contribute to this with mattresses that take decades to decompose. Mattresses are among many other items that clog our lands and pollute our environment even more.

2) Mattresses can be sold or given. Some people may benefit from an item that you no longer need, such as this mattress. Of course, please do not give away beds that are ridden with bed bugs or other potentially damaging issues. In the first case, it is best to first let the bed stay outside in the sun for a few days to get rid of the bed bugs. In both cases, please continue reading from the next point. Some specific thrift stores accept mattresses and you can look into that. In fact, you could disassemble the mattress and dispose/recycle smaller parts at different places for some cash–especially the steel coil.

3) Disassemble the mattress for other uses. According to the above-mentioned reason, disassembling can yield money. However, there are more benefits than that. They include using the cotton for various household needs such as a blanket, and using the wood box during a campfire or woodwork. The mattress can be broken down to very manageable pieces that can be rolled up.

4) Can you dispose of the mattress? The garbage collectors of some states/countries do not collect mattresses because they are too big. Some locations require you to drop the mattress off at a landfill and some will charge money. It would cost no less than $20 (often much more) to dispose of the mattress. Regardless of what the regulations include, we truly suggest you recycle because of the reasons we explained.

Recycling mattresses doesn’t have to be complicated. You have a few options: ask if the store at which you bought your mattress would accept it, search for a charitable organization that recycles mattresses, or inquire about companies that recycle for a fee. Among other online resources for recycling locations are:, (in Canada), and (US, Canada and Australia).
If you cannot seem to find a location, you can recycle sub-components of the mattress. We are trying to do more to encourage recycling of mattresses, and we hope that you will join us in this attempt to change for the better.

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Volunteer By Snowblowing For Your Community

Volunteer By Snowblowing For Your CommunityVolunteering is a great way to involve yourself in the community. There is an endless list of different charities and most are always looking for more people willing to work. If joining a group is not your idea of fun, there are smaller acts of kindness you can do in your own neighborhood. Some tasks require a lot of time and others only a few extra minutes of your time. One of the best ways to help people in your neighborhood is to consider snow blowing more than just your driveway.

Snowblowing and shoveling snow can be very dangerous for the elderly or those with health issues. Even without health issues, snow blowing is one great activity you can do to assist those who are near. It only takes a few extra minutes and you are already doing your own driveway. They will truly appreciate the fact that they have one less thing on their plate. It is always best to ask the homeowner first just in case there is some reason they don’t want it done. More likely than not they will be glad that you offered.

When you are out snow blowing neighbors’ driveways, you can also shovel the walk up to their door. This will allow them to have easy access to their mailbox without snow getting in their way making it difficult to walk. Just don’t forget to put salt or another ice melt product down so that the walk does not become slippery. Taking care of our neighbors is a very rewarding experience for both participants. Knowing that you are helping out another is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You’d be surprised to find out that not all of these are expensive.

Snow blowing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can do for others in your community. There are a million of other ways to show you care and help out in the community. Try looking for something that you enjoy doing or that is easy to do for a great start. Once you do that then move onto a larger project. There is nothing better than helping your neighbors and the gratitude will come flowing towards you.

The Most Common Volunteering Roles

The Most Common Volunteering RolesThe satisfaction of working a 9 to 5 might not be enough for a lot of people. Of course, it’s always nice to make money, but many individuals find themselves wondering – is that all there is? Some have the inherent need to give back, the feeling that they have to somehow help others, the urgent calling to use their skills and abilities to pay it forward. Luckily, there are lots of different causes that you can choose from if you have time to spare and a heart for helping.

Volunteering is nothing new, but when you finally make the decision to lend a helping hand, you might find yourself overwhelmed at all the different roles you can assume. Still on the fence about which volunteering job you should take on? Find out what fits your preferences by reading through the most common volunteering roles available.

Most Common Volunteering Roles

1. Grass Cutting and Environmental Maintenance

If you’re a city slicker, you already know how toxic the urban jungle can be. While local government offices try their best to beautify city areas, plants, grass, and other vegetation often struggle against the onslaught of pollution and gas emissions. Sure, they might be parks and pockets of plants scattered throughout the city, but they’re not always in the best shape. If you want to help out and maintain these areas of green, you can volunteer to cut grass for public places and local attractions. Don’t worry, it’s not really manual labor as most organizations have electric lawnmowers for garden maintenance volunteers. There are also some opportunities that will allow you to plant trees and other plants around the area to help out with the pollution problem and bring a happier, healthier look and feel to an otherwise concrete mess.

2. Animal Welfare

Stray cats and dogs abound – what are you doing to make sure they’re safe and far from harm’s way? Every day, millions of poor animals die or are put to death because there isn’t anyone to take care of them. Others even become the victims of abuse at the hands of uncaring, unfit pet parents. If you want to bring justice to animals, you can join local animal shelters and offer your help in whatever form you can. If you want a part of the action, you can join in on the field as they seize abused animals. If you want to be a little more hands on with the pets, you can stay in the shelter and care for them there.

3. Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens

Life is hard on all of us, and those who have it the hardest are forced to walk the streets in search of refuge and rummage through garbage in search of food. We can’t all just pitch in from our pockets – not everyone has that kind of financial flexibility. There are other ways you can help these people however and that is through lending a hand at a local shelter or soup kitchen. These places are often jam packed with homeless people who constantly need the support of others to get by, so you’ll never find yourself without a task to do once you volunteer here.

4. Orphaned Children

Many times, unprepared parents who fail to plan for their family’s future end up discarding their newborns as if they were nothing more than just a piece of garbage. Sometimes, these children are even given away at an older age. Regardless of how they ended up as orphans, all of these children need care and that’s what orphan shelters are for. Here you can help out with their daily needs and even volunteer as a teacher or tutor. Mostly, these kids need someone to show them that life isn’t all that bad, and just by being there for them and talking to them, you can fulfill just that.

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Why DJ’s are Loved All Over the World

Why DJ’s are Loved All Over the WorldWhether you’re a disc jockey on a radio station, or a DJ at a party, everyone’s going to love you – there’s no doubt about that. People love music and when you know what a crowd wants, it’s just that easy to make them smile.

Here are a few reasons why DJs are loved all over the world:

Where There’s a DJ, There’s a Party

Whenever you hear your favourite song play, whether you’re in a car or at a club, it’s going to be a party. People associate music with celebration, and that’s what being a DJ is all about. DJs are well loved for their ability to turn any old happening into a snazzy shindig.

DJs Can Bring Back the Good Old Days

Remember when you could just let your hair down, put your speakers on loud, and rush through that long open road without a care in the world? Oh, yes, the days of youth were filled with excitement and adventure. While they might seem like a distant memory, DJs can bring back the good old days like they happened just yesterday. There’s nothing more pleasing that hearing an old, familiar song on the radio to take you back to the past.

You Don’t Have to Feel So Alone

It gets lonely driving to work on your own on a daily basis. It can get monotonous and you might even find yourself falling into a boring old routine every time you take a seat behind the wheel. It’s hazardous to talk on the phone while driving though, so what else are you supposed to do to be a little less stony lonesome? A good radio DJ can keep you company during those sad, quiet rides alone. They can make you feel like you have a familiar friend who’s there to make sure you don’t feel so sad.

You Can Get Your Opinions Heard

People take joy in hearing their thoughts and opinions broadcasted on air. While it can be hard to get a real audience listening and paying attention to the little snippets your mind comes up with, it’s definitely possible on radio stations. DJs keep a conversation going, and they allow you to join in! It always makes us feel like our ideas are important, and that’s why radio stations will never go out of style.

And last but not the least…

DJs Play for Free at Volunteer and Fundraising Events

While some people may think that DJs are all about the glitz and glamour, they actually aren’t. Not a lot of people know that most DJs volunteer their time and skills at fundraising events. Most even carry their own equipment such as DJ speakers for dynamic and controlled sound  to lessen the costs for renting a sound system. Just how are they helping by DJ-ing at such events? Well, the music and ambiance play a major role in attracting people to check out what’s happening at a particular gathering.


Handing Out Charity Flyers is a Breeze When Using a Hoverboard

Handing Out Charity Flyers is a Breeze When Using a HoverboardThey are everywhere. They are new, trendy and affordable. Going at around 100 quid, they are something you would want to have in your collection of toys this Christmas. In every corner of the street you look, you will see a young person riding a one. Indeed, everyone seems to be going bananas trying to decide which hoverboard model is the best one to purchase.

This new technology is progressive and has made movement pretty easy and fast. The full benefits that have been promised by the manufacturers can all be realized when a hoverboard is put to good use.

Handing out flyers to strangers is not a job we are all excited about. It is a lot of work to walk around town all day distributing flyers to strangers. Plus, it takes time to move around – time which could be spent doing other volunteer work.

What if I told you that there is a way that this activity can be made more fun and can be accomplished within the shortest time possible? The answer to your problems comes in the form of a hoverboard. They are self-balancing electric gadgets mounted on two wheels. They are now famously referred to as the next generation skateboards.

Unlike the normal skateboards that you are well-accustomed to, hoverboards don’t involve much work, skill or creativity in riding them. It is easy to learn how to ride one so beginners need not to worry much. You just have to put one foot at a time on the self-balancing stepping pads and off you go. Most people take around five to ten minutes to learn. The controls are easy too; the rider only has to lean a little bit backwards or forward to control their speed, change direction and they are incredibly stable.

It is also an added advantage that hoverboards are convenient too – who wouldn’t want a faster alternative to get around town and hand out those charity flyers. This is an effective way to distribute flyers locally at schools, churches, colleges, businesses or organizations.

Handing out flyers can only be considered a job well done when you reach as many people as possible. Therefore, gaining access to such places where a lot of people are gathered is key to your success. With the use of a hoverboard, it is now easier to access narrow streets and manoeuvre around crowded pavements.

Although, bikes have been here a long time and we can’t ignore their advantages. But it is also true that their use is permitted to open areas. What happens when you want to distribute flyers inside a building or lecture halls? That’s when you need a hoverboard because they are most comfortable for use indoors.

Handing out charity flyers is a breeze when using a hoverboard. A hard job has now been made easier, faster and enjoyable. At the end of the day, your flyers will be gone and a smile will be left on your face. Even kids will be enthused to volunteer and hand out flyers if they can use a hoverboard!

Knowing More About Supported Volunteering

volunteer_600_x_300Volunteering is a noble venture yet people with disability, and those who need additional support are excluded from volunteering. Statistics has it that around 35% of people with long term illness or disability are part of formal volunteering when compared to 42% that are disable-free. With poor access support and opportunities, people that need additional support are excluded from volunteering services. The organization and the volunteers can benefit as the latter can gain confidence, enjoyment, skills and get to make new friends. Additional needs volunteers can bring with them exclusive skills that make them dedicated volunteers.

Volunteering needs support, and this can bring out the maximum potential of the volunteers. Volunteer managers play a vital role especially for those with additional needs. Their role is to provide recruitment and implementation. They also help to identify their specific needs. Having another volunteer for support can help those with specific needs. Proper assistance helps them learn their role quickly. Volunteer managers are a welcome support for volunteers with special needs. Remember that no similar approach fits all. Since it involves human beings, there needs to be person requirements. Each person has their own problems, and this has to be attended to personally.

volunteerThose with additional needs often hesitate to apply for volunteering. Moreover, it is important to address issues like the language used. For instance, it is easier to collect more information through an informal chat that through traditional means of communication like interviewing. Getting to know the process can help identify adjustments in advance thereby making volunteering easy. Promotional material that is used for volunteer advertising should be available to all. The format should be simple and easy to understand, video/audio format, big font size with background images and colours that suits the content.

The materials can be in any form like a handbook, training instructions, application form, role description and more. Remember that not everyone will have access to online resources it is better to have materials available as hard copies and media format for easy access. Organisations that advertise should be clear about the tasks and responsibilities so that the volunteers are able to understand their role better.

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Get To Know The Volunteer Managers

6-human-needsIf a person wants an event that involves a lot of people to be successful, then it is necessary to hire trained volunteers to handle the various situations that might arise in the event ground. The event might be official or personal, but it is necessary to ensure the works are taken care in a proper manner so that there are no troubles in the venue. A volunteer manager plays a very important role here as the works to the different volunteers will be assigned and checked by the manager. It is essential to make sure the volunteer manager is an experienced person and even if an emergency occurs in the place it is handled without much stress by the person.

Points To Be Noted By Manager

The volunteer manager should make sure the recruitment of the volunteers is done in a proper way. The candidate should have all the essential qualities to handle any type of crowd patiently. Only if the efficiency of the volunteer is good, it will be possible to get a good result.
The energy and time that has to be spent by a volunteer in order to make it successful is high. Commitment is a very important point that has to be noted in the volunteer. Without this quality, it will not be possible for a person to succeed in the work.
A good relationship should be maintained between the volunteer and the manager so that there are no complications in the work. Especially, when a volunteer is going to work in a project that might last for many days, it is necessary to be very cautious.
The volunteer should be enthusiastic about the work as this will make the work simple and easy for the worker, and when a work is done with passion, the output will be very good.
The volunteer should help a person in each and every step that is taken by the client, and this will help the client to stay stress-free.
Managing an event and delivering the expected result is not a child’s play as it requires tedious planning and exact execution of the plan in order to be successful.
Support will be given to the client in all possible ways, and this will include the supply of needed materials on the day of the event.
In fact, the role of volunteers cannot be limited to the particular day of the event. It will begin a few days before the event and might last after the event is done. So it is necessary for the volunteers to be ready to answer the calls and requirements of the client anytime.
It will be better to have all the details of the deal signed in a legal contract so that there are no issues later on. This will help to avoid unnecessary confusions too.

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Policing And Volunteering

AndrewIanVolunteers_IMG_0093-e1443306986283Volunteering does not stop with public service but has extended to police service as well. There are hundreds of thousands of citizens that are involved in police services fulfilling an array of roles including constables, cadets, victim support and custody visitors. This is not all there is more scope, and the roles keep increasing by the day. Volunteering promises improved policing that comes with a wide range of benefits by bringing in new skills and expertise and enhancing partnerships with communities. The College of Policing understands the importance of neighbourhood policing by offering opportunities to protect the safety of the community.

Volunteering has to be understood fully and when properly implemented can bring about value for the community. Volunteer services can create loyalty, focus, objectivity, credibility and experimentation. There are far reaching benefits of volunteering and government should take steps to move forward. Home Office understands the benefits of volunteers and has announced reforms to widen the powers of the volunteers. The proposals have to identify the true value of volunteering. The full potential can be realized only with a vision. This can help achieve safe and strong communities.

Home Office is creating volunteer openings that are similar to paid roles. Though they have failed to understand what volunteering actually means and how it can contribute to the community. The whole concept of volunteering should focus on the skills, motivations, and experience the volunteers possess. The involvement depends on the contributions the volunteers make and how it balances the requirements of the volunteer and the business. Volunteers need motivation and treating them as unpaid staff can deviate from the purpose. The role has to be definitive and based on their contributions and motivation.

Maximum output is guaranteed only when the role are distinctive. In the modern police system, the volunteers are required to work simultaneously so that a mutual relationship is built. Policing needs to be looked at from a different perspective. The new models can bring about a change that can balance the regular staff with policing volunteers. Though the opportunities are immense, the challenges are also enormous. This can restrict the budget and cut down on paid jobs.

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Learn More About Employer Supported Volunteering

CScimz5WEAAVNHHEmployer Supported Volunteering abbreviated as ESV is under developed and need practice guidelines. Only best practices can help tap the complete potential of the voluntary sector. Some of the problems and solutions for this do exist. Many VCSE organizations lament about the ESV projects that are attempted by businesses. The complaint is that they have wrong priorities and do not understand that volunteering is not a spontaneous activity. There is no doubt that the complaints are true. But what many fail to understand is that no where the voluntary sector is organized. Everywhere it needs guidance and support of businesses. They cannot address social issues without regulation.

This is no more a dream, and it can be a reality. In February, the Greater London Volunteering interacting event that was organized with the support of Big Assist Visits Initiative of NCVO, Southwark Volunteer Centre and Brokerage programme of Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre to set up ESV network in London. But it was a failure. There were problems of defining definitive boundaries. The event was organized at Westfield London boardroom and lucky people turned up for the event. Within a few minutes, the room was buzzing with activity. People from various organizations turned up as the organizers Joseph Morrel presented the vision. He called upon participants to take part in the venture and help develop the system.

This was an open approach, and the organizers devised the terms of reference. Following this statement was developed by the network explaining the importance of businesses and its needs to support ESV events. This subject has always been a challenge for ESV brokers and organizers. The standards were adopted by organizations both domestic and international. Though, this was an uphill task especially coordinating with VCSE organizations. The network made a good begin, and the website will be launched soon.